ZAR International correspondence course

Specialist for German insurance contract law

The correspondence course "Specialist in German insurance contract law" is the ideal entry into German insurance contract law. It imparts sound knowledge in general German civil law and, based upon this, in insurance contract law including the law on insurance brokerage and the respective legal vocabulary.

The target group includes all persons relying on knowledge in German insurance contract law in their daily occupation. Prior knowledge is not required.

The correspondence course is designed for a period of 6 months. The participant should envisage a weekly time investment of 6 hours. Entry is possible at any time.

Application is made by submitting the application form (correspondence course agreement) by post. The participant receives the course material upon conclusion of the correspondence course agreement. He works the material independently.In case of questions he can contact one of our correspondence teachers at any time. The effective review occurs by processing submitted exams. In case of successful participation, the participant receives a certificate from the institute.

The course material is composed in the German language. The entire processing of the agreement including the support, occurs in German.

The correspondence course as an online version costs € 800 (price changes reserved, current prices are specified in correspondence course agreement).

Further information available at the German website of ZAR.